At a lower cost than gas? Is it possible?

We compared the costs of heating for the same family house when using gas as against the MAXECO heating system.


  • You will save 43.8% of investment on the installation, i.e. CZK 108,250 in our model case
  • You will pay 26.8% less in 50 years of operation, i.e. CZK 360,986 in our model case
  • Convenience, no problems, clean household: priceless

Other advantages of the MAXECO heating system are not plotted, for example:

  • Pleasant feeling
    The onset of heat in the heating foils is within 15 minutes; the heat generated by this system is much more pleasant; thanks to heating of walls it has mildew preventing and antibacterial effects.
  • No worries
    No boiler inspections and repairs, de-aeration of the heating system, lighting a fire, chimney sweeping
  • Cleanliness
  • Saving of electricity in your other consumption
    As a bonus you have low tariff for electric power also for other appliances in your household for 16 to 20 hours a day

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